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April 2006

Issue No. 6

Sugars Letter



20th Anniversary

Sugars(TM) was first licensed to Spreckels Sugar and American Crystal Sugar in 1986.

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Sugars(TM) is a process modeling and simulation computer program used by major sugar companies and engineering firms around the world to improve beet and cane sugar factories and refineries. Sugars is very fast and user-friendly to provide material, energy and color balances along with net process revenues. It has a full graphical interface to build, display and change models.


New Release

A new release of Sugars was made on February 11, 2006. Now, for the first time, results from Sugars can be used to customize the results displayed on the drawing. For example, sucrose yields, overall efficiencies, percent on cane or beet, evaporation rates, color to non-sucrose ratios, etc can be calculated using the balance results and the calculated values can be displayed on the drawing. The customized calculations are automatically updated following the balance calculations by Sugars. This makes it very easy to evaluate how models perform as changes are made to the process or equipment. Also, the highly accurate International Association for the Properties of Water and Steam algorithms are now used for all steam, vapor and water calculations.

Click on the "Full Story" link below to see the release document giving all of the new features and revisions.

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The Advanced Monitoring System (AMS) is used to exchange data between Sugars and other management information systems. This system makes it possible to have material, energy and color balances on demand. Changing conditions in the factory can be analyzed quickly to evaluate their impact on the performance and 'what if' alternatives can be reviewed using the latest factory data.

The AMS is a joint development between Industrieprojekt (IPRO) GmbH and Sugars International LLC.

Technical Paper

New Users

Sugar companies, engineering firms and equipment suppliers in 33 countries have purchased a license to use Sugars. Companies in Austria, Azerbaijan, Brazil, Chile, England, Fiji, France, Guatemala, Malaysia, Morocco, India, Russia, Saudi Arabia and the United States have purchased a license since the last Sugars Letter (Issue No. 5).


User Comments

Some of the comments from users of Sugars during the 20 years that it has been used to improve sugar processes are:

"...there is no substitute for the ease of use and accurateness of the Sugars program at such a reasonable cost."

"Sugars helps us avoid those unforeseen problems that can occur with a new project."

"Developing models now is as easy as drag and drop."

"In our opinion, Sugars is one of the most useful tools for simulation, calculation and teaching that we have ever used, in the works for improvement of our facilities."

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